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The Making of Pulp Fiction

My mom told me today that when she first came to the states she thought all shows on tv were real.

General Hospital was one of her favorites, which she told me I was named after one of the characters.

She said she would cry her eyes out and finally one day she was talking to her neighbor and it came up that all of the shows we had here were really depressing her and she didn’t understand how all these people had so much drama in their life. Her neighbor put it together and finally told her “Miss Linda, those are actors, they’re pretending”

My mom now enjoys tv a lot more now


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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.



Guirnou aka Monik Walmsley (Canada) - Flirt, 2008     Body Arts


Guirnou aka Monik Walmsley (Canada) - Flirt, 2008     Body Arts


Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena shares a rare and incredible sight: a pod of sperm whales fast asleep, floating in a vertical position, some with noses pointed up towards the water’s surface, some pointed down to the ocean floor. It’s a haunting sight, something the whales are believed to do for only brief periods of about 12 minutes at a time. Quick, vertical power naps.

Researchers have observed sleeping sperm whales exhibiting the same sort of Rapid Eye Movement that’s associated with dreaming in humans. So now we’re wondering what sorts of awesome things whales dream about.

Above gif and image taken from video footage used in the Discovery Channel series The Magic of the Big Blue (episode 4 of 7). Click here to watch.

[via Twisted Sifter and Sploid]


German Shepherd Dog painted in time for Halloween. (x)